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Haber Sunglasses Are The Best Polarized Glasses

If you were on the Cayman Islands on vacation with your kids, you would probably find the need for some trendy sunglasses. What would you look for in sunglasses -fashion or eye protection or both? If you are informed, and most people today are, you would go for both. If I were you, I would look for polarized lenses and maybe a retro frame.

Steve Haber, who had established Bolle sunglasses, sold the company to pursue his favorite lifestyle of outdoor living. He came back into the sunglasses business, because he realized the need for an eye wear company interested exclusively in polarized lenses. Haber Sunglasses are almost synonymous with polarization.

Haber Sunglasses

Mr. Haber is an avid fisherman, skier and golfer. As such, he realized the value of clarity in sunglasses. There are two types of glare, direct glare and reflective glare. Haber sunglasses get rid of both kinds. The special color density and outer mirror coatings take care of the direct light glare by filtering unwanted color spectrums and filtering unwanted direct light, so that it doesn’t hit your eyes.

Due to the fact that Haber Sunglasses knows the value of polarized lenses and the value of a dollar, they sell only polarized lenses. And, they only sell them online. By not having the expense and upkeep of a bricks and mortar store such as rent, insurance and employees, they are able to keep the cost low.

What if the glasses don’t fit? Am I just stuck with them? No, Haber Sunglasses will refund 100% of your full purchase price until you find a pair that fits! All you have to do is return them within ten days and fill out the on line exchange form. As long as the Haber sunglasses are in the original condition with the product, hang tag, pouch, etc., they will refund the entire purchase price toward your next pair of sunglasses. What a deal!

Haber sunglasses are available for whatever activity you need from fishing, hiking, golfing, running, cycling, water sports and winter sports. Haber sunglasses are not just available for men. They have them for women, too! Not only are Haber sunglasses available on the site, but so are goggles in high contrast, polarized lenses. They have night ski goggles and over the glass goggles also know as OTG.

All of the accessories for polarized lenses are also available at Haber Sunglasses. You can purchase goggle MicroFiber bags, metal cases, and MicroFiber cleaning cloths also you can order eyeglasses online. At Haber Sunglasses, they have it all!

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bass guitar and tube amp

The Jazz bass vs Precision bass thing..?

The Jazz bass vs Precision bass thing is a question that comes up regularly simply from the fact that they are two of the longest standing bass guitar designs there are.
The gag is… when you look into it, the sound of these instruments are actually very different… so for me there is an underlying question of, should there even be a J bass vs P bass thing?

Check out the video… lemme know your thoughts in the comments! 🙂

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